COM DEV is a global leader in the engineering and production of custom-designed spaceflight hardware. Space technology must meet the highest performance standards under the most unforgiving conditions imaginable. And COM DEV is one of the few companies with the proven expertise to design and manufacture equipment for the hostile space environment.

Our custom-engineered products are exhaustively analyzed and tested, and they are manufactured with extraordinary precision and control. This process ensures that COM DEV technology performs in space with near-absolute predictability and consistency.

Commercial Satellite Multiplexers

COM DEV has manufactured microwave multiplexers and filters since 1974, building its reputation for performance and reliability on this core technology.

Most fixed service communications satellites use input and output microwave multiplexers in the conventional C, Ku and Ka frequency bands.

As satellite payloads increasingly grow larger, COM DEV multiplexers often become large integrated assemblies which include other microwave components — this gives our customers the added benefit of simpler spacecraft assembly and test.


Ancillary Microwave Products

COM DEV has supplied space qualified microwave ancillary hardware since the company's inception. We have developed and refined all the necessary skills and disciplines needed for complete in-house design, qualification, manufacturing and testing.

COM DEV’s ancillary product line includes a wide range of filters, couplers, circulators and terminations operating from UHF to Ka frequency bands. Our custom design and production manufacturing tools reduce program risk and schedule. This allows us to offer unsurpassed reliability, highly competitive schedules and superior performance.

All ancillary products produced at COM DEV undergo extensive on-site environmental testing. Each device is tested to full random vibration in three axes with multiple thermal cycles to its non-operating survival temperature. Ancillary circulators and loads intended for high power applications are also 100% high power tested in representative hot operating temperatures and subjected to the worst case fault condition.

Such extensive testing guarantees that our ancillary products are both compliant to the specification and trouble-free throughout their 15-plus year life. Products include high and low power waveguide & coaxial devices from UHF to V-Band, isolators, power dividers, high and low power loads, test couplers and waveguide-to-coax adapters.

COM DEV also has an extensive range of passive microwave products for the defence and aerospace market. COM DEV acquired MESL Microwave Limited (MESL) located in Edinburgh, Scotland, which designs and manufactures a broad range of microwave components and subsystems for the defence, telecommunications and space markets. The heritage extends over 50 years from 1964 when development of microwave and electronic products began, to the present day offering of solutions across five separate product lines:

  • Ferrite Isolators and Circulators
  • Diplexer Filters
  • High Power Ferrite Subsystems
  • Active Microwave Products
  • SAW and Electronic systems

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COM DEV manufactures a broad range of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches, which form a critical part of communications satellite payloads. Our switches perform two main functions: they route signals to the appropriate piece of equipment on a satellite, and connect back-up equipment in the event of a primary system failure.


Waveguide Products

COM DEV International - Waveguide Products in Garden Grove, California is the world’s leading provider of waveguide products for the satellite industry.  The Waveguide Products business unit was formed with the acquisition of Pacific Wave Systems in June 2015.  We offer a comprehensive range of expertise in the space sector including the manufacture of waveguides and miscellaneous microwave components, testing and integration services. For more information on our waveguide products please follow these links. Brochure and infrastructure.

SB-Sat Terminal

Existing communication systems for LEO spacecraft are severely limited to the ground station overpass period (approximately ten minutes per orbit). To use this extremely limited but vital communications link, satellite operators must invest in very expensive ground segment infrastructure, or lease dedicated facilities. The operational features of this arrangement dictate the use of on-board data storage and often lead to ‘out of date’ data.



Ferrite Switches and Systems

COM DEV produces high performance ferrite switches (S-band to Ka-band) to provide functions such as receiver protection, antenna routing and redundancy switching. Key characteristics include low insertion loss and small size and mass.

Ferrite-based switches can be used to implement numerous elements of RF front end subsystems on earth observation and telecommunications satellites, including duplexers, switch matrices, receiver protection, beam-forming networks and redundancy switching.

One of the key performance drivers for the operation of ferrite switches is the quality of the driver circuitry. COM DEV has developed various circuits to suit different customer needs. Telemetry interface options include RS-422, TTL and LVDS, with other circuits designed specifically for relay pulse operations (positive or negative). The combination of switch and driver circuits results in a high performance assembly and featuring fast switching (<2 µs), high repetition rate (6 kHz) and minimal power drain in steady state.

In addition, flexible ferrite-based phase shifters can be configured to implement switches, variable phase-shifters, power dividers and power combiners. These various functions are available individually or integrated into customer-defined subsystems for use in the RF front-end on earth observation and telecommunications satellites. Applications include duplexers, switch matrices, beam-steering networks and phased arrays.



COM DEV has developed a low-cost and lightweight S-Band TT&C transponder, for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions. The design is based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components and targets earth observation missions with short mission durations of 3-5 years. To enable the customer to access low cost launch vehicles, the STC-MS03 has been designed free of any components that have US ITAR restrictions. The TT&C transponder is based on a Software-Defined–Radio (SDR) architecture. This makes the unit very flexible and easily adaptable to new mission requirements.

The STC-MS03 is an integrated Telemetry, Tracking and Command Transceiver (TT&C) which provides two-way radio communication between a spacecraft and ground infrastructure. COM DEV designed the STC-MS03 with specific attention to power and size in order to address the limited space and reduced battery capacity of small satellites. Incorporating advanced DSP and utilising our well known excellence in RF engineering, this product combines advanced functionality, high performance and a low cost. A comprehensive Data Sheet is available for download here.


C-Band Downlink

With the well-established brand recognised by equipment supplied on over 700 satellites, COM DEV has developed an innovative transmitter with flexible coding modulation and output power. The CDL-MS01 module is an integrated C-band downlink transmitter that provides up to a 20 Mbps downlink to ground infrastructure. The module is aimed to address mission requirements of small sat LEO missions.



Aero Satcom

Many aircraft today have satellite communications capability. Today's communications environment, coupled with record-breaking long distance flight legs, have evolved the need for voice and data communications for the airline crew as well as the passenger. Located directly beneath the communications antenna on the aircraft roof is COM DEV Diplexer/LNA — a rugged device which allows simultaneous transmission and reception of these satellite signals.


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SAW Devices

COM DEV possesses unique, patented and fundamentally discriminating Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter design and manufacturing capabilities. It is a recognized world leader in the processing of SAW devices for space programs. COM DEV specializes in custom SAW designs for space, Hi-Rel and commercial applications.products-tech1

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For more information about the above products please visit our Contact page.


COM DEV International Ltd. is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware. We are world leaders in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. We have more than 1,200 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. More about COM DEV