Our World Leading Ferrite Technology on Sentinel 3A

Our UK facility is celebrating the successful launch of ESA's Sentinel 3A satellite on February 16, 2016, containing two key pieces of COM DEV's ferrite switch networks. These systems provide fast, reliable switching of microwave power using world leading ferrite technology that has no moving parts.

The SRAL and MWR instruments on Sentinel 3A are key to providing scientists with near real-time altimetry data for ocean forecasting, sea-ice charting, and maritime safety services needing accurate and timely measurements of the state of the ocean's surface.

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COM DEV Joins Honeywell Aerospace Team

On February 4, 2016 COM DEV International officially joined the Honeywell Aerospace team; creating a new alliance that will offer customers access to one of the broadest space satellite equipment portfolios in the industry.

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Ekspress AMU1 Launched Successfully on Christmas Eve

COM DEV International provided switches for their customer, Airbus Defence and Space, who built the satellite. The Russian Ekspress AMU1, or EUTELSAT 36C as it is also know, will provide coverage for broadcast services in the European part of the Russian Federation and ensure service continuity and growth for broadcast markets developed in sub-Saharan Africa.

Luckily, NORAD was aware of this satellite launch and made sure that Santa was safely routed around the launch site during his Christmas Eve flight.

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IRNSS-1E Brings India Closer to Their Own "GPS"

With the launch of the IRNSS-1E satellite, India moved a step closer to completing its network of satellites that will form a space-based regional navigation system providing location services over India and neighbouring areas.

COM DEV International's Products Division produced Switches for this spacecraft.

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LaoSat-1 Launches from Sichuan Province with COM DEV Hardware On Board

The Chinese launched the LaoSat-1 communications satellite for Laos on November 20th, via the Long March 3B rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan Province.

COM DEV International's Products Division provided switch and microwave components for this mission.

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